Excerpt: "Campus organization works to protect any, all forms of human life," The Vermilion

"The Pro-Life Cajuns Facebook lists the organization’s mission: “Through peaceful activism, sharing of informative literature, discussions, speeches and community service outreach, Pro-Life Cajuns promote a culture of life on campus and beyond.”

“We don’t want people to see it and write it off as an abortion-only issue,” said Kaleb Moore, junior pre-law major and public relations chair of the organization. “We tackle things like suicide prevention, human trafficking and anything that shows you how valuable human life is.”


Moore explained meetings for the Pro-Life Cajuns are typically centered around topics, abortion being the first this semester. One of the largest planned seminars, Moore said, will be on the issue of human trafficking.

During initial meetings this semester for Pro-Life Cajuns, Moore said the board members had each conducted sufficient research on individual pro-life interests, enough to assign a member to each topic they wished to present at seminars.

“We feel like we’re equipped to actually show people,” Moore said. “We actually have the knowledge and the skill to bring that to the people in the seminars.”'


Credit: Shane Manthei, The Vermilion, Sep 27, 2017