Excerpt: "Campus Political Organizations Seek to Grow Ranks as Midterms Loom," The Vermilion

"Young Americans for Liberty Vice President Kaleb Moore shared his organization’s updates and plans as well.

“We’re a pro-liberty student activist group. We seek to train, identify and mobilize students on principle instead of partisan politics,” Moore said, adding the club has a libertarian ideology “with a small L” and they are “a nonpartisan organization,” meaning they don’t align with a political party.

Last week, the Student Government Association passed a resolution piloted by YAL that proposes a language change to internet content UL Lafayette prohibits on its servers. Prohibited content is described as “distasteful or offensive” in the policy, and the resolution asks for a change to “obscene” as the descriptor.

The resolution gives the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) credit for the recommended language change, an organization that YAL worked with on the resolution.

According to Moore, FIRE and YAL are “completely separate organizations” that maintain communication with one another at conferences and over email.

“We like to brag that we’re the fastest growing pro-liberty student organization in the United States,” Moore said.


Moore mentioned the “free speech ball,” an inflatable beach ball on which students write messages on campus, as one of the spring semester accomplishments for the club. YAL hosted this activity earlier in the semester, providing an opportunity for students to sign the petition for the SGA resolution in addition to writing on the ball. He said he hopes to “enlarge” the ball and roll it around

Moore said the club hopes to continue activism for student individual rights on campus.

“There’s a few more things in the works, but I’m not at liberty to say those right now,” Moore said.

The organization’s meetings are on Thursdays from 5:30-6 p.m., and take place in different off-campus locations. Meeting locations are announced on yaliberty.org/join, and on YAL social media."


Credit: Melissa Watson, The Vermilion, Feb 6, 2018.